Installation Guide

Official installation guide for flashing Gaia ROM/Firmware for your phone. This guide are written by terry@android, more can be read in the official development forum thread at This guide should prevent almost 99% errors after flashing such as IMEI lost and rotation/orientation problems. 

Here it goes :

(*optonal)Download this script and put it into ur sd.

1. Dont be stingy, go buy class 6 or class 10 sd, high end sd with 32gb is perfect, no kingston, that brand sucks!
2. flash ur fone with cm7.0.2_z71_battery_memory_fix.nb0 using sutlr
3. reboot recovery, do not enter rom by rebooting. use 3 combo key
*4. straight flashing into (can be obtain on boston mania)
5. Again, reboot recovery to change da color of the cwm.
6. flash ur fone with mygingerb GAIA. no need to wipe dalvik or cache as u never enter da rom. 
7. reboot recovery after flashing and partition ur sdcard, choose wisely how much u wanted, as for gamers, 1gb is recommended, but for usual use, 512 will be enough with 0 swap. juz choose urself. This will format ur sd so after ur partition, choose mount on recovery and mount ur sd, plug ur cable into pc and paste da script and rom zip back inside, dont create folder or copy data first, leave ur sd with that script and rom or kernel zip only. Then install any kernel u wanted, as for me edgar#37
8. power off ur device, use 3 combo to master reset ur fone. wait till it end.

*as for me, after it reboot, i will install root explorer, giv da permission and copy bundles of apk such as (1)ram manager by juwe, (2)quadrant, (3)root explorer, (4)titanium backup (taken from phantom rom), (5)playerpro, (6)contact remover, (7)sdtools into system/app folder by allowing Mount as R/W, change all that apks permissions into rw-r-r, exit root explorer and uninstall it back, and reboot device into recovery. As for someone who already satisfy with mr angelictears system apks juz....

9. reboot recovery after step 8 without any change.
10. this step a lil bit tricky so read carefully.
i) choose on mount and storage and check if any list checked as 'unmount' if there is, change it back to 'mount'
ii) wipe dalvik cache and data partition.
iii) choose install from zip and install that damn script
iv) no changes will be made after this.
11. reboot ur device without any changes. Juz wait, screen maybe flicker or dead for a while, ignore that. juz be patient

*if after 20 minute without any changes, need to start back to step 4

12. after its reach rom, check ur internal storage in setting, it will convert into ur ext partition depending on how much u partition ur sd, if it doesnt change, thats mean u FAIL.

#do not tick 'Allow application moving' on cyanogenmod setting.
#if application u install move itself into sd. Go to setting/application/manage and move it back to phone. Whats da point partitioning ur sd into ext if u put ur application on fat32.
#from this point, DO NOT FACTORY RESET UR FONE. it will reset da script and ur fone will visit to heaven for a moment. juz clear cache and dalvik from titanium backup or other cache cleaner apks.
#if u got a 3 beep sound from ur fone, do all those step again.
#try quadrant and u will get 2200 score without any overclock. da IO will increase drastically.

This guide are written by terry@android with little modification by myself (Angelictears), all credits to him for dedicate his time for such a complete installation guide for new users out there.