Monday, October 31, 2011

MYGingerBread Gaia is here

MYGingerBread 1.1.0 "Gaia" are up online. Promising super fast performance, and better stability. Without further ado, let's look at the feature packed into this very amazing ROM for Commtiva z71 variant.


MYGingerBread is one of the ROM available to the Commtiva z71 variant that offers default Gingerbread UI. MYGingerbread takes the default Gingerbread UI, and tweaked it a little further to be more responsive and smoother, reduced lag, less redraw and even maintained the performance without ever need to restart/reboot.

The new homemade splash image during boot will make you want to reboot your phone often, of course that will not happened as MYGingerbread are stable and will not reboot when you need your phone on everyday basis. 

As you can see, the splash image is simple, yet manage to make your friends wish that they have your phone, brag to them on how well made your phone are.


Performance is one of MYGingerBread ROM are well know for, with performance surpass most newer phones out there, it will breeze your phone a new life, brag to your friends on how fast your phone perform, they'll sure wish they could have your phone.

Performance comes with a price, stability. But with MYGingerBread, you can assure that your phones will perform at best the whole day, with better memory management, the ROM intelligently organize your app needs throughout the day, and prioritize the apps that you used and put the apps in RAM to provide fast access whenever you need it The ROM also optimized to be used with Swapper 2 for better performance.

The same default kernel that are used in MYGingerB 1.0.3 stable is also used in MYGingerBread 1.1.0 Gaia, so you can be sure that the kernel will be as stable as it can, because for the first time, MYGingerBread are optimized for SuperAOSP kernel, still users can flash any AOSP kernel they like via ROM Manager.

Cell Patch Update

MYGingerBread "Gaia" is the first ROM created by me to featured "Cell Patch" capability, means that if user are from other MYGingerBread version, you can flash this ROM without ever need to wipe your data. So users can update with ease without any problem, data and settings are kept intact and users still have the latest updates and fixes. 

Do note that Cell Patch only will be effective if users flash the ROM correctly, for first time users, follow this simple steps :

  1. Flash Firetrap 10 Final (Android 2.1, pre-rooted) nb0 file, download site (here)
  2. Install ROM Manager from market, update clockworkmod twice to ensure, and move ROM manager to SD if can. 
  3. Put MYGingerBread ROM on SD card and boot into recovery mode.
  4. Wipe data, cache and dalvik, then flash MYGingerBread zip from recovery, then reboot to new installed ROM.
Existing MYGingerBread users (MYGingerB 1.0.3 for example) can flash the ROM directly without data wipe, however if the previous ROM have problems such as orientation or wifi, please follow the steps above before flashing MYGingerBread "Gaia" to ensure Cell Patch is working for future release.

Notes on CellPatch
  • CellPatch is created by myself (Angelictears)
  • Currently tested and proven to work with only MYGingerBread ROMs
  • Although data are not wipe, it is best to backup with Titanium Backup


MYGingerBread Gaia will provide the best Android experience for your phone, and support for this version as promised until May 2012. Meaning that user support, mini patch (using CellPatch) and bug fixes will be provided until May 2012. 

Until then head on to the download page above or click here to download.
Thanks and happy flashing :D


 - Super fast performance, 25% increase from 1.0.3
 - Tweaked memory management, optimized for Mi-300 (Commtiva z71 variant)
 - Stable for everyday usage, never worry your phone to let you down.
 - 20% increase in battery life (tested on default SuperAOSP 8.6 kernel)
 - Better Overclock ratio performance
 - New very own splash image, you'll love it
 - The Default Gingerbread launcher tweaked to be fast and smooth
 - MYGingerBread init.d tweaks included as default
 - Internet speed optimized, better speed and streaming capabilities
 - 3G signal speed optimization and fixes
 - Frequently used apps are now intelligently put to RAM for faster access
 - Works and optimized very well to be used with Swapper 2
 - Featuring Cell Patch (created by me) so users can update their ROM without data wipe


  1. Great news for us, thanks :)
    If I'm on CM7, then I just do the update with these .zip file right?

  2. how weird.. i followed the instructions but im always stucked at the splash image.
    i also tried coming from cm 7.1 stable(nb0)
    But the rom is great.. (if i can have the chance to use it :))

  3. downloading.. feed back later.. thanks for this rom..

  4. Hi, please double check the download link for Firestrap 2.1 ROM URL. Not able to reach the page.

  5. about 12hrs using this latest GAIA, my mi300 3 time reboot itself + 3times forces close on market.

    donno my phone problem or else.
    switch back to EA v6

  6. something wrong with Screen rotation

  7. @ MYmi300
    Try using openDNS or Google DNS, megaupload might be blocked by your ISP, I'm guessing you're using streamyx?

    Try using other kernel such as Edgar's Ubuntu kernel. It might be that your phone work better with that kernel as EA v6 uses that kernel too. If all fails, try to follow the instructions above. Thank you for the feedback :)

    It might be caused by the kernel, try reflashing without data wipe. It will fix most problems. If not try flash Ubuntu kernel by Edgar. Hope it helps :)

  8. @angelictears
    getting dizzy for different problem ;)

    anyone who flash it directly from eav6 must use eav6 kernel,but eav6 give min performance on this rom as this rom base on aosp kernel.but there will be no orientation problem by using eav6 kernel.

    any problem with boot screen comes because u are flashing with other rom than mygb 1.0.3,better flash that one first and witout any wiping,update to this rom.

    to any sync or market problem,before reboot after flashing do a factory reset on cwm.
    anyone who wants to change kernel.before flashing kernel,do a reboot recovery first.

  9. hi angelictears..
    so far the GAIA is really smooth and performs really well.
    - NFS Shift is really smooth.
    - Asphalt 5 HVGA, previously unplayable (low framerate), is now playable (higher framerate) :)
    - Everything is fluid and feels "light" (compared to cm7)

    however i am experiencing a few problems
    - sensor is reversed (left and right). i tried reflashing the GAIA, and also tried reflashing ubuntu kernel, with no good result. i remembered having the same problem a few months ago. fixed it by changing some file in root explorer, but i can't remember the steps now. anybody have the solution?
    - when turning on the wifi, it's really laggy, until it asked to "force close" or "wait". i chose to "wait", and it will eventually turn on. but then immediately turn back off. i should turn it on the second time, and it will actually work.

    thank you for the great rom

  10. @Angelictears
    How to get Ubuntu kernel by Edgar. please upload for me.

  11. @ Daud

    Thank you for the feedback. :D
    I will be sure that the bugs are fix on next update.

    @ BlueSenior

    Currently there are a lot of releases by Edgar.
    Which one that you need? I can redirect you to the download site. Although the kernel are still beta, and are suitable for daily use.

  12. How fix autorotation with g-sensor? reversed left right!

  13. orientation solve by flashing from EAv6 to GAIA thanks to terry. to Angelictears thanks man this rom is great almost perfect for me. great work bro. by the way to use usb mass storage still need to disable usb debugging. after 3 days of testing no bug found except above mention. official pvz, NFS, NOVA, BIA and other gameloft is working for me by using chainfire 3D. i am using cherry mobile nova (commtiva z71 clone) ;-) thanks.

  14. @all
    bout the orientation,juz follow rasz.he already fix it :)
    here my feedback...are u ready :)
    after updating so many times till my mi300 brick....(now i m posting with pc)
    congratulation! there is nothing wrong with ur rom...its work juz fine.
    problems that occur here coz of what version of kernel are used before updating this rom.thats all.there is no specific way to settle it but,juz prepare with all version of kernel available.test it one by one till u all get the right one for ur fone.that all,
    as 4 me,i hav use #6,11, all works fine,aosp aw fine,ubuntu#3 also fine.that maybe for mi300,as 4 others,juz take all kernel out there and try it all.

    thats the only way to fix all the problem.

  15. @ angelictears
    here the result of flashing
    1)flashing from cm7.0.2 to GAIA.sometimes will stuck at boot screen
    2)flashing from eav5 or 6,rasz already give the result.
    3)flashing from superosr,better no do that.
    4)flashing from stock to cm7.0.2 to GAIA,orientation will reverse.
    5)flashing from any 2.2 to 2.3,also orientation and wifi problem.
    6)flashing with apt v1a,touchscreen sometime unresponsive.
    7)using @angelictears way, only work on mi300 with stock recovery,updated recovery will mess up on kernel after flash.
    8)boot screen problem only occur when flashing with other rom than cm.

    best performance will comes when flashing with cm7.1 stable with eav6 kernel to mygb 1.0.3 to GAIA.any problem occur after that can be fix by testing different kernel,maybe depend on ur device.

    so @angelictears,only 1 opinion from me,please add option to sleep/wake my fone by pressing red button :) thats wanna meet phantom,juz go to xda under htc desire hd fone,they been make rom for that now.

    thats all my report on flashing,be back after i m taking my fone back from repairing.till then..bye ;)

  16. forgot to say
    thanks 4 the rom...

  17. @angelictears
    u got my number,can u give me 1 sms so i can get urs,there is one important thing bout ur rom i think i should discuss with u.

  18. @all

    thanks for the feedback guys, appreciated it :D
    spread the word of this project, even considered donating to support this hard work
    Thanks again :D

    @ terry

    Nice depth review :D
    For now, My rom will support wake using trackball (hold / press twice) and sleep with red/end call button (via spare part setting).
    Also I am sorry as my number have no talktime remaining, although you can pm me via lowyat forum, I will tell you my secondary email later on.

  19. easy steps based on my exp:

    1: flash with 7.1 nb0 then phone will turn off, i entered recovery (cam,vol up,power)while sutlr status is reboot device.
    2. reboot phone afterwards and reboot again to recovery. no wipes.
    3. update directly to gaia.

    tested it a lot of times from my nova a100 (c71 clone)

  20. @angelictears
    read ur lowyat pm.

  21. I`m using Froyo 2.2.2 Phantom Sky Revolution V1. Tell me how to flash MyGingerBread Gaia v1.1.0. without problems with reversed autorotation and battery usage?

  22. @Oper_OK: I also came from Phantom Sky Rev 1 before I flash this rom.1st thing you do is to go on recovery mode and wipe is to flash CM 7 stable nbo file using sut with erase user data option.then after flashing, wipe data again thru recovery mode (camera+volume up+power).put the MyGingerB 1.3 and MyGingerB Gaia ROMs on the root of your sd card.On recovery mode, install from sd card, then select MyGingerB 1.3.repeat it again and choose MyGingerB Gaia.reboot then that's it.HTH

  23. @Oper_OK
    problem originally will occur,but flashing other kernel for suitability is the answer if the method u choose doesnt suit ur device.

  24. @Oper_Ok me too im also using phantom sky rev1 before. first i flash EAV5 nbo file erase user data then at CWM wipe data then flash with w/ eav6 after that flash w/ GAIA w/ no wipe. thats it..

  25. to flash and where to download the ubuntu kernel?thanks for this nice rom

  26. I flashed my mi300 to Firetrap 10 Final and then update to this GAIA, everything look ok but I can't connect to my wifi. What should I do now? Any idea?
    Thanks in advance =)

  27. @wheeler
    1)flash ur fone with cm7.1 stable nbo or (cm7.0 .nbo and updated to GAIA directly [only if u dont find cm7.1 stable.nbo])
    2)do wipe (cache partition,dalvik) and factory reset
    3)flash ur fone with GAIA zip and choose ur kernel urself coz da kernel provided (AOSP) sometimes doesnt suitable for ur fone.(for me edgar#eav6 is da best)
    4)do factory reset and walla, there ur fone with GAIA power up ;)

    There will be wifi problem when sleep mode, sync and wifi doesnt connect, but just reboot ur fone 2 or 3 times and that should fix it.there is no specific way to update this rom but it based on cm7.1 stable. Good luck.

    here link for most of kernel by edgar, juz unzip da compiled zip file. (thanks edgar for that, i just upload it to mediafire for easy download coz some country blocked megaupload and uploading.)

  28. I can not wait for the next version. This is very good but has some bugs

  29. Anyone know how to correct rotation inversion (G sensor axis inverted)

  30. hi,

    where can i get cm7.1 stable.nb0 file?


  31. can upload a demo video over here??

  32. Mr.Terry..where to get the edgar#eav6 kernel or any other kernel for battery issue?i got problem on battery life.10 minutes on 3G consumes about 10% batt. power.thanks..

    (already tried all those kernels u posted)

  33. see boston mania,read through comment on cm 7.1 stable post, there s a link.or use sunglobal battery bl-6f fit for mi300 for more power.but eventhough everyone depend on kernel for undervolt,this is definitely a smartfone,so u should already know

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. for those with reversed orientation, this is what i did to fix mine.

    flash EA- # 3 it will fix orientation. then flash latest kernel from the [kernel] forum.

  36. can anyone make a tutorial on step to flash this rom?? i m just a superb newbie...!!

  37. I cant install ROM manager in Flash Firetrap 10 Final (Android 2.1, pre-rooted)

    So what should i do?

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. It doesn't support TuneTalk prepaid, FireTrap did. APN empty, can't even save a new one. Any fix?

  40. sorry, answered myself. use Tweakker:

  41. Hi, Recently i have brought a nokia N95 battery and use for my Spice Mi300.. but the battery status is not really good.

  42. thanks for the best android 2.3.7